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Game Play
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Singleplayer Training Campaign

Several detailed and lengthy missions train new gamers ("Newbloods") how to play Tribes 2 via a high-energy, action-filled gameplay experience.


In Rabbit, only a single flag exists. Whenever anyone takes the flag, all other players try to kill him. The longer he keeps it, the more points he gets.

                              Capture and Hold

All about controlling locations, in this game you receive points for capturing specific locations (such as a tower) and then holding them for a given period of time. The team with the most points wins.

                                Capture the Flag

This remains the most popular game type in Tribes. Much like the game many of us played as kids, you organize your tribe into offensive and defensive units to protect your team's flag while seeking to capture the flag of your rivals and return it to your base. The team with the most flag captures wins!


One team starts the match on offense while the other starts defending the objective. When the offensive team meets its mission objective, the mission starts again with the sides reversed; the former defenders go on the offensive and the former offense defend the objective.


The typical "every man out for himself" slugfest found in typical first person shooter games.


Like Deathmatch, except that each player only pursues one target at a time. A player can only hunt a new target after she has eliminated her current "bounty." You suffer a penalty for killing players who are not your current bounty, except for the player currently hunting you.

                                     Flag Hunters

Probably the most intense multiplayer experience found in Tribes 2. Depending on the mission, warriors either try to eliminate all other warriors in the game and collect the flags they're carrying or they are grouped together on a team to collect flags from opposing team members. Players cash in flags at a central "Nexus" to obtain points.

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